My nutrition and training plans were designed with you in mind and after years of helping busy and sometimes desperate women I can guarantee that


personal traininer in Marlow
personal traininer in Marlow
personal traininer in Marlow

If you come with the right mindset or willingness to learn then I can help you to create a healthy and happy lifestyle that will change the way you feel forever.

If so then you are in the right place!

After years of watching my clients struggle with stubborn weight, even after weekly personal training sessions and killing themselves in the gym, I decided to take action. I started to educate myself about nutrition on a much deeper level and enrolled on a nutrition course so I could help my clients with both diet and fitness.

I am both GP approved AND I specialise in female specific fat loss.

I CAN HELP YOU - my nutrition and training plans were designed with you in mind and after years of helping busy and sometimes desperate women I can guarantee that if you come with the right mindset or willingness to learn then I can help you to create a healthy and happy lifestyle that will change the way you feel forever.

"I have lost 2 stone and I feel amazing, Victoria has literally changed my life. I can take my kids swimming without feeling awful and getting ready to go out is no longer something I dread. My confidence is back – I am me again and I cannot believe how simple it has been. If anyone is on the fence, I urge you to give this a try. I am no longer tired, I am not bloated and I feel great. I was really worried about spending the money on myself before I started and felt like it was a really selfish thing to do to put my needs first - but that really couldn't be further from the truth because actually my whole family benefits because now they get 100% me rather than unhappy and unconfident me.“

personal traininer in Marlow

‘’I became one of those women always at the gym but not getting anywhere, I had also gained a stone since Christmas. With an upcoming birthday, you know one of those big ones where you have told yourself that when you get to it you will be in the best shape you have ever been and looking fabulous. I took the plunge and joined Vicky’s 21 day programme. Day one and I gave myself over to the programme, I tracked everything and ate from the food rules. I was surprised when it got to the evening and I realised I had not been hungry or tempted off track, but it was just day one I told myself. Day two, three, four, and it was still the same, the first online check in came and I stepped on the scales with trepidation, I mean, I had not been hungry, I had eaten big meals and snacks, oh god what if it was a gain! I lost 6 lbs that first week, I could not believe it, I can do this.

The decision I made to commit to the programme was the best thing I did, this is going to sound twee, but it really was easy, I never felt like I was deprived of anything, I was never hungry, I was in control. Do you know how empowering it is to feel in control? I went out to eat and I never worried that I would make a bad choice or struggle to choose from the menu within the rules, but the difference was I also knew this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle and I had the power and choice to pick what I wanted off the menu. The fact that I did not want to make the "bad" choices was a revelation to me, I wanted to feed my body and I enjoyed my new eating habits. If anyone is sitting on the fence, I can't express strongly enough to just take that leap of faith, you will never regret putting your faith in this lady or more importantly yourself.

The diet plan is simple and is easy for you to adapt to your own lifestyle which enables you to be in control... always. This is then combined with some kick ass training plans that you can complete from your own home or in the gym that are designed specifically to improve your metabolism and melt away that stubborn body fat. Ultimately you will have improved confidence, your clothes will fit and you will feel amazing.The results speak for themselves!

I've known and trained under Victoria for the last 4 years. I first met her when I attended Barno Bootcamp back in September 2012. I loved this type of exercise so much I decided to start Personal Training with her as well. I got married in May 2014 and leading up to the wedding Victoria had me training really hard and also massively overhauled my eating habits! There was a lot of tough love but I like that approach and do better that way than softly softly!!I became pregnant early 2015 and continued to train with Victoria on a 1:1 until I was 7 and half months and also attending Bootcamp till I was 6 months pregnant. This training kept me really fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy and since I suffer from Gestational Diabetes it also meant I wasn't put on Insulin (something I had to take in my first pregnancy) as I was eating the right things and exercising correctly.
Since having my little boy (9 months ago) I had to start back slowly but continued to eat the things Victoria recommended and although I still have a way to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight/shape, I am confident that with Victoria’s continued support and encouragement I will get there again to look fab in my bikini this summer.
If you are thinking about wanting to lose weight/tone up, eat better, or simply change your mental health for the better, contact Victoria. She will make you work hard but it will be the best decision you ever made.

Jo King                  

I first started with Victoria in October 2015, after following her emails for weeks. I enjoyed her frank and down to earth words and could see her energy and passion, simply by the content and frequency of those emails. One day I took a leap of faith and I decided to try her 21 day plan. I was fed up, had a lousy body image and felt disillusioned with constant dieting then falling off the wagon. I was always at the gym but never saw any results. I was not sure what to expect but, in those initial days, I simply did everything she said. I felt better immediately. The workouts were tough but satisfying and I felt better immediately and noticed a difference within that first 3 weeks. Inspired and encouraged, I moved to her 3 month online plan. It took me through Christmas without the usual downward spiral into binging and then guilt, which seems to repeat forever. By February, I was hooked and, as my 40th birthday approached, I started to meet with her face to face. I am now part of her online community which is friendly and supportive with like minded women who are willing to provide support when you are losing momentum. Recipes are stopped and Vicki regularly posts workouts which keeps it interesting. I can honestly say that Vicki and The Lady Lifts has changed my life. I walk taller, feel more confident and feel re-educated about what I eat. I understand what works now and people comment all the time on how I look. I still weigh roughly the same, but I've lost inches, look leaner, have definition on my arms and legs and can wear what I want. So thanks, Victoria, you have changed everything for me and I am so pleased I took that leap of faith. Xxx

Rebecca Baker      

Hi I’m Hayley, I started training with Victoria 3 months ago after over a year out of the gym/health/fitness world. Before I started training with Victoria I had no structure or support, I would go to the gym and give 60% effort and starve myself all week, only to undo any weight loss at the weekends. I have two group PT sessions a week with Victoria but I feel like I have her support 7 days a week with her exercise plans, guide on what to eat and Facebook support group. The sessions have helped me gain back my confidence in the gym and I’ve finally found my love for health and fitness again after a year of trying. Every session Victoria pushes me to get the maximum out of my work out, whether it’s hitting a PB lifting weights, running that bit longer or getting those extra burpees in, each week I achieve something new which is really motivating. Since training with Victoria I’ve seen so many positive changes to my body and I’ve finally found a good balance. I no longer feel like I’m constantly on a restrictive diet as I eat the food I love and enjoy every gym session, reaching my goal now doesn’t seem so impossible!


Hi I'm Vicki, I've been training with Victoria for over 18 months now. I started with the goal to get bikini ready for a summer holiday. Since then unlike previous years I continued with the sessions and following her advice on what to eat as I was enjoying it so much. When the opportunity arose to go on a fitness retreat in Marbella organised by Victoria I couldn't resist and had the most amazing time. Thanks to Victoria I have now stopped striving for that bikini body that you see girls on Instagram modelling and I'm all about getting stronger and fitter than I was the week before. She continually pushes me to limits I never knew I had. I check in with her weekly and she monitors my diet, giving me regular programmes to follow to do in the gym on my own or with a partner. I have learnt and gained so much from Victoria and I cannot thank her enough.



I am so confident in this - follow my plan and I guarantee results, or your money back!

If you are ready to take action & are ready for life changing results then….