10 Reasons Why My Bootcamp Is Better Than Yours.


I’ve got over 10 years experience in the Health & Fitness industry. I know what I’m doing. Whatever your situation, whatever your fitness level, I’m here to help you. As well as 8 bootcamp sessions a week. I have many qualifications in different areas such as nutrition and also sports therapy (so i can even ‘fix you’ if you are broken!) If you come with the right mindset or willingness to learn then I can help you to create a healthy and happy lifestyle that will change the way you feel forever.

The Girls
Not even lying, the bond between the Barbelles girls is amazing! From the OG’s who have been with me for years, to the girls who’ve just started recently. They are the best. They are all so welcoming, no clicks or bitching.If you are having a bad day and need cheering up, Barbelles & Ponytails is the bootcamp for you. I challenge you to come to any of the sessions and not actually laugh out loud at how funny these girls are. 

Non Judgemental

FACT! I will not have that in my bootcamp. It’s all love and positivity! Cheering each other on when you get a new PB. Motivating each other when you feel like you can’t do it! You can! And I’ll let you into a secret – coming last gets you the biggest cheer! NO EGOS here. 


It’s true what they say – you can’t ‘exercise out a bad diet’. Healthy eating habits (where nothing is out of bounds!) is so important to us (we love gin and pizza!)  You will burn anything from 300-700 calories when you come to bootcamp. BUT none of that matters if you don’t work on your diet behind the scenes. So NO PROBLEM! A diet plan, and all the help you need is INCLUDED when you join BarBelles and Ponytails Bootcamp. This includes a weekly check in, so you can’t go off track. (seriously though does any other bootcamp offer that included?) 

The Variety

Because the groups are small (around 6-10 people per bootcamp) It means we can change it up each session. We’ve got circuits, running, weight lifting, handstands, glute days, wicked wednesdays and so much more. We’ll keep you on your toes. Don’t worry about that.

The Whatsapp and Private members area Groups.

It’s like our own little bootcamp support group! We’ve got a full on chatty group that’s no holds barred and then we’ve got the ‘no chat’’ group for more important updates. And you will get access to my online members area on facebook. Which is a hive of information such as recipes, support and extra training programs! 

The Socials

From pizza parties, Race for Life, trekking up Snowdon to absolutely smashing Total Warrior (a mud run!) We make sure we’re having fun outside of bootcamp hours too and any goal you have….we can work towards it together. 

Free Parking

No need to worry about change for the car park, it’s totally free! You can literally pull up outside the unit and crawl back to your car after the session 🙂 

Child Friendly

Can’t find someone to look after the kids? No worries. We create a designated area for your kid to sit/play while you are working out.

Extras included

When you join you get a recipe book (written by me) with around 100 healthy recipes inside (this is usually £15), discounts on Massage, Sports Massage & Reiki Healing sessions (exclusive for Barbelles and Ponytails members)

Contact me today at theladylifts@gmail.com to find out more. I’m so confident you’ll love Barbelles & Ponytails Bootcamp I’ll even give you a weeks trial absolutely FREE – all you need to do is let me know you have read my ‘10 reasons blog’. This offer is only available for a limited time so if you are tempted, get in touch asap! 

Each session is 45 minutes long and takes place at BarBelles and Ponytails – Unit 12 Mount Osbourne Business Centre, Oakwell View Barnsley S71 1HH.

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