Dear Miss 20 something…….

Dear Miss 20 something……

Much love Mrs 30 something…..💁🏼😘

Dear 20 something,

i spend a good part of my life LOOKING at you.

wishing MY body was like yours is.

how mine USED to be.

i look at the selfies you (probably spend hours taking) wishing i could do my hair like that.

wondering how you have done your make up .

hating myself for letting myself go.

the clothes you wear….

well this is how i USED to feel

until i realised that when i was 20 something

i DID look like you

my body WAS like yours

My hair was so cool

my make up was current and i looked bloody awesome

my clothes were the newest fashion and i was setting trends

and back then i used to look at the 30 somethings and wonder ‘why they look like they are having so much fun’

you never see a 30 something crying in the toilets

you never see a 30 something getting changed 100 times before going out

you never see a 30 something having a cat fight in a bar

you never see a 30 something arguing with a girl over a boy.

because back then i was jealous of the 30 somethings

they had it all figured out

and then i got to 30 and i forgot that

i started to look at YOU

and wish that was me.

but most of all you are going to spend the next 10 years trying to ‘figure it all out’

worrying over the boy who doesn’t text you back

wondering why ‘charlotte’ doesn’t invite you out

if you look ok first thing in the morning.

because listen to me here when you 30

non of that matters.

if he doesn’t text you back. it gives you reason to celebrate – hes clearly a douch bag

charlotte? she’s a dick. your close knit group of 5 girls thats all you care about

what you look like in the morning? hell who cares last night you just gave your husband/partner a GOOD time

because you know HOW to do it now, you know what to do to make it awesome for YOU so you know that actually…..

waking up with your hair all over and make up down your face…..

in the grand scheme of things doesn’t actually matter – because all hes thinking about is last night 😉

your married/engaged meaning someone loves you for YOU not the selfie you take or the flat stomach you have

or the belly with no stretch marks….

you have kids and thats the gift you have given the man you love. Well yea he doesn’t care about those stretch marks

and if you not engaged or married your swinging your knickers round your head shouting FREEDOM!!

you actually start to accept your self for who YOU are.

because you can see your daughter or your friends (who are 20 something) growing up HATING them selves.

and you kinda get to 30 and think

‘oh well I’m in it for the long haul so i might as well enjoy it’

because when your 30 the little things don’t matter

from a distance you can see what to get involved in and what to not

so what i’m saying Dear dear 20 something is. Yes I’m 30 something and yes i

have spent time in the past COMPARING my self to you.

but now i get it.

you have got the 20 something years to get through.

the pain

the struggle

the heart brake


when i’m sat up here at 30 something with my bloated belly

my stretch marks

my kids running riot

my husband next to me

and I’m sat looking down at you lot swinging my legs thinking

‘I’m glad thats over’

can i get on with MY life now?!

because I’m 30 something and I’ve got it all figured out ✌🏽

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