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“Every Experience, No Matter How Bad It Seems, Holds Within It a Blessing Of Some Kind, The Goal Is To Find It” – Buddha

Everyone will experience what’s happening right now and remember it in a different way.

You have to choose to react to this in a way that is positive towards you. 

‘Look for the blessing’

I’m probably starting to get on everyone’s nerves. because I’m being so positive about this situation. 

Aside from the fact, there are people out there who are terribly ill, isolation is affecting some of us in bad ways. And our front line police/NHS and all the other essential services are working to the max right now. 

I have something to share. 

I am living my best life right now. 

I don’t know if it’s from the time I did in the Navy. 

Once we did 100 days straight at sea, no emails, no communication with the outside world, not able to ‘go for walks’ no fresh food. no days off. We were working 8 hours on/8 hours off. 

It’s making isolation feel like a breeze. 

or the fact that I am hardly ever at home, I’m enjoying the slow pace, the ability to get stuff done. Usually any house work or washing gets left till the weekend nothing gets done Monday – Thursday. 

I’m sleeping the amount I need (8/9 hours night) I’m energised. I have time to do the stuff I’ve wanted to do for ages, such as do some relaxation sessions for people to take part in. Even some guided meditation! 

I’ve baked a cake today. 

I’ve even been on 3 runs which I don’t usually have time for. 

Yes I could get down in the dumps by the fact my business was basically ripped from under my feet losing a hella a lot of money in the space of 48 hours…….and the fact all the hard work I’ve done got basically thrown away with the words 


I’ll need to build my business back up when this is over. 

And my life is going to be very different for me for the next year or so.

BUT I am eternally grateful to everyone for standing by me, some people had no choice because the situation I was in, was the situation they were in. And I’ll see them when this is all over! 

What I’m saying is. You HAVE a good day. By DECIDING it’s going to be a GOOD DAY. 

Nothing is going to come along knock on your door (especially not at the moment – that’s not 3 meters hun)

You have to accept what is happening as your new reality. And when you do, your perspective will change. 

Something I learnt from being in the Navy. 


Accept your reality

Behave productively 

Control your emotions

By controlling your emotions that doesn’t mean you can’t cry or let out what you are feeling, it just means take control of them, accept the situation. and don’t let your emotions rule your decision. 

This could all be a lot worse, if you are struggling, try to use some of these tips. I also recommend a gratitude diary, write down 3 things each day you are grateful for.

it could just be ‘having a house’ or ‘birds singing’ each day this will get easier. and it will help.

I’m offering bootcamp sessions at the moment via zoom. 

I’m also offering FREE stretch and relax sessions via zoom. Please keep an eye on my social media and my social media stories for details on these! (usually wednesdays and sundays) 

The next one is today April 5th at 4pm.

To take part just drop me a message mailto: theladylifts@gmail.com

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