Hey, MUM! Do You Feel Guilty Now?

So after a conversation i had the other day
with 2 mums.

they explained to me the reason behind why
they have been putting off doing whatever it
is they have wanted to do for so long…..

weather it was joining the local bootcamp
going to a class in the local church hall
getting a Coach/PT
buying THAT dress going
out with friends….

the reason they weren’t doing any of these


they feel guilty, guilty for leaving the kids
for an hour, guilty for spending money and
time on them selves. Guilty for thinking
about them selves and how they feel.

if they leave the kids for an hour they feel
guilty – because mum is doing something for
herself if they do something while the kids
are at school they feel guilty because they
should be at home doing some ironing or

and the worst part is because of all these
reasons this made them avoid social events
EVEN MORE because. ‘they feel fat’ ‘have
nothing to wear’ ‘nothing fits’ ‘not been out
for that long they have actually forgotten
how to socialise!’

its all a vicious circle…..if they spent
just a little time on them selves, invested a
little bit of time and money in themselves

guess what?

there clothes WOULD fit they would feel more
confident they wouldn’t feel like they cant
do these things….. and I believe there kids
would enjoy ‘Mum’ More

now before some of you sign off….thinking
I’m one cheeky bitch….

i’m not suggesting you start leaving your
kids and going out on weekend benders getting
back on a Tuesday and wearing mini skirts and
high heels all day……


ask our self this:

Do you feel GUILTY when your sat on the beach
with your kids, with your dress on ‘because
it covers up your rolls’

Do you feel GUILTY when your kids are playing in
the pool but Mum won’t get in with them because
‘some one might see her tummy’

Do you feel guilty because mum is constantly
only thinking about her weight and what to do
about it (but not doing anything about it)
while the kids eat there tea and mum’s sat there with the left
overs ‘because she eats less then’

Do you feel guilty that your eating habits are
learned behaviour habits and could be carried
onto your children?

Do you feel guilty when the kids are wanting to
go to the local park but you can’t because they want to go on
there bikes and you cant keep up?

Do you feel guilty that you avoid a social gathering
where kids are invited and would have someone
to play with because ‘mum has nothing to wear
and nothing fits’

I’m pretty sure the list above. in those
moments you dont feel guilty.

when perhaps you should?

YOU looking after your self and your health
and your mental balance is a GIFT to your

who wants to grow up around a stressed out
mum, whos constantly on about her weight
constantly avoiding doing anything slightly
active or fun who constantly feels guilty for
doing anything for herself.

now i appreciate todays email may piss some
of you off

well GOOD.

but i hope it pisses you off enough to
finally take action on YOUR health because if
you look after your self It will carry on to
the people around you to look after

to put your self first for ONCE even if its
just for 1 hour a week <<< there are 168
hours in a week. you owe it to your self to
give your self at LEAST one of those.

your a Mum – its one HARD job. one AMAZING
job and a job NO one has a rule book for BUT
don’t get to the age of 60 and think ‘i wish
i had played in the pool on holiday more’

Its up to you now.

Decide if the guilt of you being unhappy is
enough to make you change…

I’m here,

I’m offering FREE consultations throughout
February either on the phone or face to face
in Barnsley (or skype if you like!)

Victoria ‘I’m not selfish i just put myself
1st sometimes’ Hudson

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