How Life Goes On In Ice-Ice-Solation

I always go on about accepting your current reality and I’ll ALWAYS bring you positivity but amongst the positivity, I’ll bring the TRUTH. Good or bad. 

I hear a lot ‘can’t wait for the gyms to open soon’ or ‘I’ll re start my gym membership when we get back to normal’ 

‘Bet you are gutted you had to stop bootcamp’. 

BOOTCAMP NEVER STOPPED. We just accepted our new reality, adapted and overcame. WE MOVED ONLINE.

This is the NEW NORMAL. Now I would LOVE to be back working with everyone in a face to face physical way. But we ALL need to accept, ‘Normal’ won’t be returning for a while…..(truth) Waiting for your gym to re open 🙁 you could be waiting a while. Social Distancing is here to stay for a while. We need to accept that and UNFORTUNATELY, Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere. It won’t suddenly stop taking lives, it won’t suddenly stop looking for its next victim.

To protect us, social distancing will stay, and with that as measures are relaxed. I imagine places of ‘unessential social contact’ such as gyms, pubs, etc will be the last to open. This isn’t me being negative. this is me, bringing you the TRUTH. 


^^^ Read that again. 

Trying to look into the positives in what’s happening will help you feel mentally better.

I’m enjoying life, a slower pace for me, and I’m feeling good for it!

And instead of being sad about Barbelles and Ponytails being temporarily ‘closed’ in the physical sense. I am still doing 121 personal training sessions. And they are working really well. 

My bootcamp moved online 4 weeks ago, and honestly the sessions are busier than EVER! 

No more child care issues, no more ‘I finished work late and won’t make it due to traffic’ 

You can even wake up MEGA late and still make it. 

You can even put your dinner in the oven whilst taking part. 

Your first session is always free, but in May I’m bringing back my ‘weeks free trial’ that’s one week, you can take part in as many sessions as you like! There are 8 sessions a week to choose from. 

Even better, if you MISS a session….NO PROBLEM, all sessions are recorded, so you can take part at your own leisure. 

Do I have to have my camera on? I hate being on video! Absolutely not! As long as you can hear me and see me, that’s fine, however, it’s really not as scary as you imagine, but whatever makes you comfortable you can do! 

Do I need a special account? Nope just a smartphone or laptop/tablet.

I don’t have any equipment at all! That’s ok, most of the girls don’t have anything, all the sessions are equipment free, however if you do have stuff we can certainly put it to use! 

To try a session out for free, or to activate your week’s FREE trial. Drop me a message here: mailto: theladylifts@gmail.com

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