How To Get The Best Nights Sleep You Will Ever Have

 Most people don’t get enough sleep. 

Some think they are getting enough, but actually are walking around like zombies. 

Some know they aren’t getting enough but get through it with caffeine. 

How many hours sleep do you need a night?  

I would love to know you answers. 

Me? I NEED about 10/11 hours a night. 

This. Is. no. joke. 

Most nights I manage to get between 8 & 9 hours. Which I feel ok on. 

But if I go to sleep, don’t set my alarm – I’ll wake up between 10/11 hours later. 

People say ‘oh you must have needed it’ 

Yea but if I go on holiday. I’ll sleep 11 hours straight EVERY NIGHT. (And still nap on the sunbed!)

Now when I tell people how much I sleep they always look shocked. ‘But how’ ‘I wish I could sleep that well’

Well, when you need as much sleep as I do. You become a pro at getting it. From my bedtime routine to what I do in the night when I wake up. 

So here I am sharing my sleeping secrets……

Caffeine/coffee/energy drinks. ARE NOT HELPING YOU. They are keeping you awake at your desk, but also keeping you awake at night. Trust me THEY ARE! 

You THINK you can’t get through the day without them, but it’s a vicious circle, you drink them, can’t sleep at night, so need more the next day. Etc etc. 

SO. Coffee is ok, however do not have caffeine/energy drinks after 1pm. JUST DON’T. And honestly in my opinion. Don’t have energy drinks ever. Or if you do RARE! Certainly not more than 1 a day and never after 1pm. 

try not to look at your phone & TV for 1 hour before bed. Leave your phone. Don’t touch it, don’t look at it. If you are going to bed at 10pm. Set your alarm on your phone for the next day at 9pm so you do not have any excuse to look at it. And for goodness sake PUT IT ON DO NOT DISTURB or turn it off! – ‘silent’ doesn’t count because it still vibrates. OFF is best. 

You are not a brain surgeon (if you are then disregard this!) so therefore NOTHING is so important that you need to read it / see it after 9pm.

Commit this to yourself. 

TV’s is ok, but ideally cut that off at least half hour before you are getting in bed. 

READ. It helps. Even better if it’s a boring book haha

Your bedroom should be cold. Yep, cold. So that if you were stood in a t-shirt you would think ‘oooh I need to put a jumper on’ that kinda temperature. Turn the radiators off. Open the window if you need. You should want to be under the covers and wrapped up. 

Your body temperature rockets in the night. Your bedroom needs to be cold. 

Most people wake in the night around 2pm because the heating is coming on or they are warm, but they don’t register it as being that. 

Or because ASOS are emailing. See above! Phone off or on do not disturb. 

Bedroom needs to be dark. No ticking, no lights. 

IF you wake up. DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR CLOCK. It doesn’t matter what time it is, if it was time to get up your alarm would be going off. So don’t look at it. All it does is switch your brain on. Or you catch eye of a text message and read it. DO NOT LOOK. 

If you need to go to the toilet, don’t turn the lights on (I’m serious) if you turn the light on it raises cortisol in your body, your body thinks ‘oooh the suns come up its time to get up’ and then you are left tossing and turning. 

If you have to turn a light on (but seriously you can see in the dark so you shouldn’t need to) only open one eye. (No joke it helps)

Get ear plugs if you have a noisy street/partner. The best thing I did was buy a pair of ear plugs which cost me £20 they are made from titanium. And they are amazing, they stay in my ears all night.  I can’t feel them and it blocks out all sound (including snoring) but weirdly not your alarm or someone shouting you? 


Make sure you have comfy bedding, pillows, duvet etc

It’s true you get what you pay for. 

And Ikea mattress and pillow will be kind you your bank balance but not kind to your back after lying on it for 8 hours every night. 

Invest in decent pillow and mattresses if you are serious about getting a better night’s sleep. 

Warm feet. Sleeping with socks on actually helps you fall asleep. It’s true, there have been studies. I sleep with socks on and at some point in the night I kick them off. Try it. You will be surprised by how much quicker you fall asleep! 

Then there are all the obvious ones. Avoid alcohol, avoiding eating just before bed, try to do relaxation stuff before bed such as meditation or a warm bath, don’t go to bed hungry, don’t go to bed thirsty. 

I could go on. 

My names Victoria. I love to sleep. I sleep a lot And I’m a self-proclaimed sleep expert. I can also nap at any given opportunity in pretty much any location. (I’m asleep before planes take off TRUE STORY every time) and I feel great! I want everyone to sleep like I do…..

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. If you really struggle with sleep. I’m a reiki practitioner, reiki is a spiritual healing method, which can be used to help heal injuries but also for relaxation purposes. Every time I do some reiki on someone, they tell me how well they slept that night and how it can last up to 2 weeks after! If you have any questions or to book a reiki session you can email me on mailto: theladylifts@gmail.com

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