How To Not ‘Get Too Muscly’ (But still tone up)

Someone said to me the other day (and they meant it with love! 😘).

That they ‘couldn’t do what I do’ and that ‘They would be scared to end up ‘ripped’ or with ‘big muscles’

They meant no offence to me (and non was taken!) 

But it made me realise that, there still are a lot of ladies out there who associate lifting weights with looking like Arnie Schwarzenegger!

So, I’m certainly not the strongest girl out there. But I’m pretty strong! And can ‘hold my own’ (I can clean and jerk around 13 kg more than my own body weight – which is roughly 2 stone more than I weigh) to put it into some perspective for you. So yea, that’s strong right? 

And unless I’m wearing weird goggles that stop me seeing what is really in the mirror. 🤔😝

I’m not ripped. I don’t have ‘big muscles’ and I’ve been training like this for around 4 years, and I train 6 days a week.

Yes, my body has changed, yes you can see some muscle. But that’s from training in total for around 10 years, lifting big ass weights (& doing CrossFit) for 4 years, around 6 days a week!

Quite frankly I love burritos too much to end up ‘ripped’ 😂

I choose to lift heavy because for me it’s a hobby, I don’t do it to change how I look. I do it because to me it’s fun. It’s a bit like some people enjoy fishing.  They don’t do it to change how they look do they? They do it for the enjoyment they get out of it. 

It just so happens that my hobby is also one which makes me healthier and stronger. Which will help me later in life! 

Did you know that the stronger we are, the more dense our bones become, which means when we are old and frail. we are less frail than the rest…

So Girls, the message here. Lifting weights BIG ONES won’t make you ‘ripped’ it will make you strong. It will change your body shape and you will lose some body fat, things will ‘Firm up’ Your bum may get more rounded…it will give you a bit of definition…and you will change. 

But you won’t ‘end up ripped’ overnight from joining a gym, having PT or joining an exercise group where you are lifting weights & getting stronger.

If your end goal IS to get ‘ripped’ and have big muscles, then YES you can do that.  You just need to put some serious hours in the gym and the kitchen!

If you want to start lifting, and don’t know where to start. Get in touch, and find out how I can help you start your journey to feeling like you can take on the world. And to be a healthier happier version of you!


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