‘I think I can.  I thought I could’ Casey Junior

Serious Question do you know who Casey junior is? 

If you don’t. have you seen Dumbo? 

If you haven’t (go watch it) 

It’s about a baby elephant who works in a circus and he can fly. Its heart breaking and cute all at the same time (full on Disney)

But something else it has. Which I LOVE about Disney. 


I digress…..

Casey Junior is the Circus train.  One day he has to go up a big mountain pulling the circus…. He gets halfway up and he can’t make it! 

The train starts to slide back down the mountain……

Does Casey junior give up? 


He starts chanting to himself ‘I think I can. I think I can’

Till yep, you guessed it. 

He’s up the mountain and whizzing back down the other side!! Then he says ‘I thought I could!’

‘He thought therefore he was’ 

He was his own best friend that night. ‘having his own back’ 

Telling himself HE CAN. 

Casey junior rocks, I love him he’s only a train but I’ve never forgotten that 5 min scene. 

And I’ll let you into a secret…….

I chant ‘I think I can I know I can’ to myself regularly. 

In the same tune as Casey junior. 

Usually halfway through some vile workout involving burpees and pull ups….

But laugh if you must. 


I’ve achieved many, many things in my life, and lots of them haven’t been when ‘others have had my back’ of course I’ve always been supported. 

But I’ve been my own best friend, on those dark days.

On those days you doubt yourself

The words you say to yourself, are the words you manifest and will eventually believe. 

So today before you say something negative about yourself. 

Stop. Take a breath. And be Casey junior for a moment. Spin it around and tell yourself what you NEED to hear.

Give yourself loving kindness. 

Kind-words, soothing words that you would say to your best friend. 

Don’t give up.  

Casey Junior didn’t.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWhby_puiV0

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