By being here means that you’re ready for my help & to get started on your journey. I know that you’re probably still worried that you haven’t got the time or you’re scared to put yourself first BUT I promise that I CAN HELP, I can help you fit this into your life (it's easier than you think) and I can help you to achieve your goals, whether that’s dropping a dress size, completely re addressing your diet and fitness or for your mental well being -if you’re ready to take action, then there is no better time than now. All you have to do is choose your level of commitment and how much help you need below…

I can’t wait for you to feel better about yourself.

The Lady Lifts - Personal Training PLATINUM package £240 per month 

    • Are you ready to reveal the goddess within?
    • Have you ever wanted someone to take the reins and show you how to take control of your life again?
    • Ever wished you had a coach by your side to start your journey so you could have 100% support?
    • On this program I will solve any problems you might have as well as giving you access to my support group and membership area for  24/7 group support. Results guaranteed. Look no further this is the program for you 
    • I will spend time with you over 2 sessions a week totally overhauling your diet, fitness and mindset, you will receive intensive mentoring with a full dietary evaluation and fitness technique masterclass. this program is Jam packed full of support to get you the kick Ass Results you’re looking for

The Lady Lifts Personal Training GOLD Program - £160 per month 

    • One hour One to One coaching program session a week. Are you ready to transform not only your body but your mind from your current self?
    • Are you ready to change from being exhausted, depressed & hating your body into a sexy confident and energetic goddess? then here’s the program for you.
    • The Lady Lifts personal training is all about education, support & real life workable results. I will teach you what you can eat and how to train to really kick start your metabolism and get that fat gone.. For good.
    • This is REAL life nutrition and fitness that is tailored to your life & goals. I personally check over your diet and fitness on a weekly basis and answer any questions and solve any problems you might have as well as giving you access to my support group and membership area for  24/7 group support. Results guaranteed

The Lady Lifts Personal Training Silver Package - £120 per month. 

    • Are you ready to commit to yourself and your own health & more importantly happiness?
    • Are you fed up of starting over again and again with diets that leave you starving and jumping head first into the biscuit tin?
    • Are you fed up of being told what you can’t eat and being tricked by the media and the latest diet craze.. Are you ready for answers?
    • I can offer you the solution….This is gives you 100% support from day one, you’ll get accountability every week and a kick ass weekly workout and training plans to get you energised and your metabolism moving.
    • One 45 minute coaching session a week.
    • I will teach you how to make your diet work for you so that you eat more have more confidence and lose that weight. Long lasting results and no more YO YO dieting.

Barbelles and Ponytails Bootcamp

Are you looking for group sessions? But do you still want that 'personal' feel?

Then look no further than the Barbelles and Ponytails Bootcamp. Each Bootcamp group is kept small. Which also includes a support group with weekly check ins, which will help you with your diet. 

for more information on the Barbelles and Ponytails Bootcamp go ​HERE​​​

Pregnancy health & fitness price tailored to you on request.

  • Trying to get pregnant already pregnant or just had a baby?

Looking for some answers around health and fitness- then look no further,I am both qualified in pre and post natal exercise programs and can help you not only feel amazing in these 3 exciting stages but also look great. Pre & Post Natal exercise has many health benefits and can improve conception chances,labour time and that post baby body too. I have trained many people who are trying for a baby, pregnant, after birth & breastfeeding mums and have a perfect diet & fitness plan to suit your needs as you start this amazing journey that's bursting with support tips and ideas… i can’t wait for you to get in touch