Is It Time We All Went Vegan?

I’ve been asked a lot lately. What I think to ‘plant-based diets’ (A a lot of it boils down to a program on Netflix and ‘Veganuary’)
My answer? Plant BASED is great. Base your meals around plants, and eat some fish, meat and eggs.  😉

So my thoughts? 

Eating more veggies is amazing. But you don’t need to cut meat out to become ‘healthier’ in fact cutting meat & dairy out can leave you deficient in many essential vitamins. You cannot get the amount of calcium you need if you completely cut dairy out…..so before you make changes. Do some research. 

If it’s for ethical reasons. Get meat / fish / eggs from ethical sources…
Look for a local farmer or perhaps a friend or neighbour who has chickens, the eggs are usually SO much tastier, and those chickens are living a lovely life! 
Find meat from local farms, look for ‘organic meat’ however there is a very grey area around this. So it’s about researching what you are buying IF it’s important to you. 

This will cost more, but it’s a way of keeping the meat, and the vitamins and the stuff you need in your diet without cutting it out completely. 

Perhaps aiming to have 1 meal a day that’s meat free, or even 1 day a week. (Meat free Monday is a great idea) it also makes you explore new recipes, tastes and ideas. 


Do what fits in with YOU. I know a lot of people who have gone vegan….I know just as many people who a few months later……. were not vegan. 

And don’t presume because its ‘vegan’ its healthier…. A greens vegan sausage roll and a Greggs sausage roll is still pastry and god knows what else! 
Swapping meat out and replacing it suddenly with beans and legumes, can cause havoc on your gut! Suddenly increasing fibre…although fibre is essential and great for you, a sudden increase can leave you ‘bunged up’

Not to mention cravings….

This all boils down to the minute you ‘deprive yourself’ of something you enjoy. Is when you will start wanting it more! 

Making changes slowly over a period of time, will help you change something into a lifelong habit.

Exercise, food, everything. 

If you don’t currently drink enough water, don’t eat breakfast eat convenience foods and drink every night. Don’t stop it all at once. 

Decide this week you will drink more water and have a good breakfast. Make that a habit, once that comes naturally decide to make another change and so on. 

This is ‘The Lady Lifts’ way and it works. It may take slightly longer to see those ‘results’ but it means you won’t have to crash diet again. Ever hopefully! 

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