I’ve Just Got Out Of Rehab!

was a famous line used by Britney…..

I’m not Britney. But i feel like my come back could be as great!

Ok so writing this email to you feels a little like waking rumplestiltskin…

but in the famous words of Rafiki  ‘IT IS TIME’

its been well over a year since i posted on here with

emotional tales
helpful hints
useless facts
and of course just a bit of me…..

i haven’t ‘been’ anywhere as such

i just totes lost my mojo.

like chains of events….

which i will just quickly run you through….

i became SINGLE….

^^^^ seriously don’t knock it till you have tried it. And please don’t do the ‘awwww’ sympathy noise in your head for me
because i know 80% probably just did.

yea for the first few months I moped around feeling sorry for myself.

and I’ve then spent the latter year laughing at anyone who suggested a boyfriend to me.

going on far too many holidays, probably consuming too much gin.
and certainly star fishing in my bed at night.

because i found self love. And realised single lufe is good. Well it was better for me!

Then i opened BarBelles and Ponytails which obviously consumed some time, and has so far been a huge success!

i then made many many excuses, and proceeded to visit, Ibiza, Amsterdam….Magaluf….

you know got all my priorities right.

till the other day when i thought ‘something isn’t working?’

whats missing…..

its me making excuses. thats the biggest problem

so i looked back and thought when was i actually getting the best interaction with
my following out there…..

and yep it was when i was on the daily email hype.

so i’m back

not daily

probably like 3/4 times a week depending on what nonsense happens to me for me to write about and hopefully make you laugh.

(like i’ve got some serious funny dating stories to tell you IF you chose to hang around)

so heres where i get back to my brutality.

its been a LONG time. you might be thinking ‘f**k off Vic’

and thats cool

you also might not even know how you have ended up on this email list?!

1 of 2 ways….you have downloaded my top 10 tips Nutritional Guide via my website


OR you have had PT/taken part in bootcamps with me over the years….

anyway you have a choice.

you can run away

or you can stay

i’m not everyones cup of tea

if you want to stay.

because perhaps you have missed me (awwwwww i hope so!)

or you have just realised. you have been making far too many excuses over the past year.

so maybe you need some weekly motivation from a non b/s approach kinda gal?

or your just a little nosey and want to know what I’ve got to tell you.

well hold on tight.

I’m BACK!!

Victoria ‘Better than Britneys Come Back’ Hudson


if you are still a little dazed and confused about what just happened.

I’ll cut to the chase…..These e-mails are based on my life and my take on

Rather than attempt to sneak under your radar, I’ll be
upfront with you: in these emails, I’ll be promoting my
bootcamps and personal training (and the odd reciepe book 😉

Far too many people overload their subscribers with
BORING content.

That’s why I bring this up…. I’m here to sell you something.

But before you gasp and rush away
(oh my god, she’s selling something!), here’s why I think
you’ll want to stick around:

I won’t be promoting my coaching in a brash, annoying
or hypey way.

That’s not my style.

I do things differently.

Waaaaay differently.

And, even if you don’t buy anything from me, you’ll
still get some helpful information and maybe a few laughs along the way.

I am like marmite….

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