The Reason You Have A Fat Belly (It’s Not Your Fault)

I’ve got a slow metabolism….

I can’t eat much….

If I ate that much I would gain weight

If I LOOK at a burger I put weight on

‘She’s slim because she’s got a fast metabolism’

It takes me AGES to lose weight
Because it’s genetic….my mums fat

I’ve got a ‘fat gene’

^^^^ I hear this day in day out

Now not being one to hold back….

And if u GENUINELY believe you fall into
one of those categories above

And you use that as your ‘excuse’

And your sensitive

Maybe don’t read on….

Your a plonker….well your being one….

And no some of that isn’t your fault…it’s because of the
miss guided truths out there on the Internet….


Yes we are all individual and yes we are unique
and we all have different needs

BUT guess what…..the only reason
‘Sarah’ at work lost 3lb last week’ and you didn’t?

Because you:
(Choose appropriate answer)

A)spent your weekend stuffing your face….
Had ‘a wine’ on Friday…so you had a fry up Saturday….
which led to pizza…and f**k it on Sunday you had
cake after your carvery …
coz you ‘will start again on Monday’

B) spent most the week starving your self that at some
point you have had a ‘binge’ that you conveniently
haven’t recorded or registered….the sausage roll
and bag of crisps from the garage??

C) you don’t actually record or track what you eat….
so you TELL your self your eating ‘clean’ but
those cheeky mini chocolates you sneaked
in while making a cuppa in the staff room….
the left over packet of the kids crisps….the
sugar in the full cream Costa latte…yep it ALL
counts…basically you don’t realise when your eating…

D) blatent Lying to yourself….

Which this may have woken up.

Basically the reason you aren’t losing weight has
NOTHING To do with your metabolism, your ‘fat gene’

The girl at the gym in good shape?
No she doesn’t have a
‘fast metabolism’

The reason your not losing weight?

It’s because of YOU

It’s because although your best efforts….your shovelling in extra
calories and lying to your self – because after all is said and done
and all the b/s out there telling you it’s everything else that makes
you lose weight

The reason u lose weight?

Being in a calorie deficit….
Either eating less than you burn
Or exercising it off

And if your NOT losing weight?
Your not in a deficit…..

**very very rare cases there is a medical problem but it’s
like RARE even then it’s still down to what your eating.

So what if last night you did have the pizza and the
wine….and your considering the ‘cake’ today….

Well I tell my clients to live by the same rule I do:
the 80/20 rule if your diets good 80% of the time
then the 20% that’s it’s not – well don’t worry about it
just don’t let it be 30% if you have GOALS.

Got this message off Anna one of my online beauty’s
“Feeling positive and focused and feel like Im beginning to get
the hang of things. I like the flexibility and that I am able to choose
my own foods as long as they fit my macros, which reduces cravings…..
I’ve worked a ‘cheeky nandos’ and glass of red wine into my ‘date night’
on Friday without it effecting anything!”

AND Anna lost 1kg this week….whilst working shifts and
whilst being a mum!#justsayin

My coaching is REAL no b/s and it’s not anything you can’t stick to….

I just make you realise what your accountability comes in

And if you had the ‘fry up’ AND the pizza…that’s ur 20% up

So don’t have the cake today….

Just don’t.

You don’t need it…

Or the fat gene will get ya 😉

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