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The Lady Lifts Resistance Bands.

Spending hours doing squats, leaving you with sore legs for days, making stairs IMPOSSIBLE isn’t the best way to sculpt legs, and grow a round booty.

The area I hear ladies talk about the most (after their tummy) is the legs, hips and bum.

I always get asked “HOW do I lift my bum and get rid of the stubborn fat on the back of my legs”

So I’ve taken action. I’ve designed these fabric resistance bands in 3 different fun designs to be able to target these stubborn areas, with just a few different exercises.

Most people don’t know what muscles should be working when doing squats and lower body exercises. Most peoples glutes don’t even work properly!

These bands could change all that. They work to add resistance to the workout, forcing all 3 muscles in the booty to WORK, allowing you to target the booty from 3 different angles. They also add resistance to be able to target the hamstrings…

  • The Lady Lifts Resistance bands are High Quality Strong Elastic Hip Circle bands. They are Suitable for both men and women at any fitness level
  • Strong elastic ideal for activating lower body muscles. They come in a pack of 2, with 2 different sizes & a carry bag.
  • Available in 3 fun designs
  • Great for warming up your hips and activating your glutes.
  • Ideal for Gym, Yoga, Weight Training, Squats, CrossFit, Pilates.
  • Ideal for home workouts

And for a limited time only. Every order comes with a workout plan to follow, designed by me. Its my own personal ‘go to’ method to train my glutes. The workout plan can be followed anything from once a week to 4 times, just add some mini HIIT workouts and you are on fire! 

This workout plan alone costs £30 

  • There will be an Option to upgrade to 1 or 3 month ‘The Lady Lifts – Glutey Queen program’ (Coming Soon)

Want some? Buy now for only £20. You get 2 in each pack. Choose from the Leopard pack, Doughnuts pack or Marble pack (make sure you put your choice in the notes section on PayPal).  If you can’t collect I can post them out to you for £3 (please remember to send me your address when you pay)


FLASH SALE! £5 off for a limited time only! £15 per pack instead of £20