The Law Of Attraction

We have all had ‘one of those Mondays’ 

Where everything seems to be going wrong….

You climb out of bed, late, your alarm didn’t go off, then you stub your toe…. 

Pouring your self a cuppa and you knock the milk over 

“this is all because I’m rushing because I’m late…” 

Its like a chain of reaction….and the rest of your day probably carries on with the same! 

The ‘Law of Attraction’ isn’t for everyone. But it involves everyone. 

Whether you want to admit it or not, “what you put out comes back” 

Lets take this ‘bad Monday’ again for example. 

ok – you wake up late because your alarm didn’t go off/wake you up. That starts you off in a bad mood…you climb out of bed, still in a bad mood so therefore you aren’t fully concentrating on what you are doing….so you stub your toe, now that’s made you mad. You go downstairs thinking to your self ‘what else will go wrong today’ 

oh yea then you spill a pint of milk…..

So here is what I want you to do. 

Next time you are feeling bad, or feeling any negative emotion. Try to recognise that while you are thinking about it, being focused on what’s BAD. You are blocking anything good from coming to you, weather that is good thoughts, feelings, emotions. 

“you are on a negative frequency”

So in that moment – Change your thoughts and think about something good. 

On the Monday example. Instead of thinking to yourself ‘how stupid, why didn’t you set your alarm, you will be late now and everything will go wrong’ 

Say this “I’m human. i forgot to set my alarm, its annoying i now have to rush, but no one will die due to me being a few mins late. In fact I think i can still make it on time!”(be positive!) 

‘be kind to yourself’ 

And when the good feelings start to come you will know it was because you shifted yourself onto a positive frequency and the universe has answered by you having those better feelings. 

So if you start off your day by having a good day (telling yourself it WILL be a good day) you are going to continue to attract good thoughts and feelings. 

And when you are in a good mood. You will find people around you are too, more smiles in the corridor, politer people who you encounter throughout your day, and all this will help you sustain that HAPPY feeling. 

THAT ^^^^^^^ Is the Law of Attraction. 

and it is the most wonderful thing. 

YOU have the power to change anything in your life right now.

YOU choose your thoughts. 

YOU feel your feelings. 

and when you do. the universe feeds it right back to you. 

“You create your own universe as you go along” – Winston Churchill

Some of the quotes in this blog have been taken from the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. 

I haven’t read the secret back to back. I don’t think its that type of book. But it sits next to my kettle. to remind me every morning. What I think I am today, I will be, and what I want I will attract. 

some days I open a random page and read from it. “that’s the message I needed today” I tell myself. 

If you need a daily reminder. I highly recommend it, and using it as I do. 

I hope today is the most wonderful day for you. 

I hope every smile you give out you are blessed with one back

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