Who Were You 10 Years Ago?

Now when I say ‘Do you know how ridiculous that is’, I don’t mean YOU are ridiculous, I mean in general – we ALL are a little bit silly. 

We freak out because of ‘change’ 

Any change…..

Work changes the car park; we panic a little. 

An email comes through with new staff room rules. The first thing we think is the BAD stuff. 

We have a baby and put a few pounds (or stone) on and we PANIC because WE LOOK DIFFERENT. 

Or we have a really good year of eating and drinking and decide we probably need to accept the fact….We need bigger jeans now. 

AND WE PANIC. WE PUNISH ourselves internally for ‘changing’ 

What if we looked at change differently? 


Because without it, we aren’t going forward. We aren’t evolving. And we aren’t being true to ourselves.

Look at trees. Every year they lose all their blossom and leaves, they die and drop off onto the ground and for a few months. Trees are basically naked. (We call this autumn and winter) 

But WITHOUT this change, without them dropping all the beautiful blossom or losing all their leaves. 

THEY CAN NOT GROW, become bigger and better and blossom EVEN more the following year. 

They have to change. 

Do you think trees ‘reminisce’ constantly about ‘the summer of 69’ when they had the best leaves’? 

Even animals, they shed fur to grow more. We grow finger nails so we can grow more. 

We are constantly changing and evolving BECAUSE THATS WHAT WE DO. 

So, what would happen if you said to yourself. 

“yep last year that WAS me”

“This year THIS is me…..Because I’m not who I was last year. And I’m not who I will be next year.”

“I’m changing. And that’s what I need to do” 

Who cares what size you ‘used to be’ ‘that’s not me anymore’!

This is who I am. and going forward I will remind myself of that daily. 

And the change I will make this year will be to exercise more….So I can get back into those jeans. 

But I won’t punish myself along the way. I will accept, that is who I was, this is who I am now. 

And accept that change is a part of life…..

Just like the trees do. 

About the Author Victoria Hudson

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