Why I Deleted YOU Off Social Media


How Not To Be a Dick & How To Give Less F**ks 

I like to think I’m pretty transparent and only have one face.


 I bet we all will know people out there who have many faces – more than a grandfather‘s clock. 


Todays email is to explain to you how not to be a dick.


 how to be a good human 


(because the more of those in the world the better the world will be)


Now you can combine the ‘Don’t be a dick’ rule to make your life better. 


with ‘how not to give a fuck’ or to just give less of them….


^^ the less of those you give the HAPPIER you are., 


honestly what I’m about to tell you in my opinion is one of the KEYS to happiness. 


now I’ve been using social media a HELL of a lot LESS lately. realised it doesn’t make me feel good. 


sometimes due to the people on it….so here we go. let me help you. 


If someone doesn’t like you and lets say ‘unfriends you’ on social media. 


don’t DWELL on it. 


think GOOD because you don’t want people in your life who don’t like you. 


who dont have YOUR best interests at heart. 


who don’t want the best for you. 


^^ so this would be ‘how not to give a fuck’ 


the DONT BE A DICK side of this would be to ‘unfriend’ the person who YOU don’t like. 


you say good bye to them for the good in you, and the good in them. 


you don’t want them in your life and all their boring ‘checked into the hospital because i broke a finger nail please give me sympathy asap’ statuses.


and you are doing them a favour by not being in their life when you don’t have their best interests at heart? 


people spend their life, pussy footing around people. 


‘in case they hurt their feelings’ 


‘because i need to make sure they like me’




You have got to live YOUR best life. 


not theirs. 


So to apply the don’t be a dick rule…


don’t be horrible. you don’t need to even EXPLAIN your self. 


either. delete and block them (seriously this is the most underused way of getting rid of negative energy out of your life)


because when you block them. they don’t even know you exist any more. so they don’t see you still popping up on thier news feed. 

you have GONE like harry potter in his invisibility cloak.


now say for example its someone you REALLY want to delete but you know it could cause friction…you know that family member who just pisses you off? 

or that person at work. 


now personally if they arnt giving anything to my life then i’m certainly not giving anything to theirs so i BLOCK and DELETE but i get it some arnt comfortable in being so ‘harsh’ (seriously though the sooner you are the better life gets) 


so just click UNFOLLOW. they still have no idea, you don’t see them in your news feed, they don’t know. 




now this rule gets applied to everything. 


the boyfriend who dumps you. hurts you? GOOD. you do NOT i REPEAT DO NOT want to be in someones life who for one second doesn’t want you in theirs. 


trust me. they are doing you a favour. 


they are not being a dick by you being in their life when they don’t want you there, and you are not going a fuck because same. 

don’t be nasty. (don’t be a dick) just walk away head high (get ice cream first) and think GREAT more room for people who want me. 


that Ladies (and maybe gents but i’m not sure many men read these haha) 




I Applied these rules into my life about 2 years ago 


and MY GOD. let me tell you. life is good. 


i DID get offended the other day when someone who i respected got rid of me on social media. (I have a buiness account

FYI it tells me if you unfollow me) 



hey ho. GOOD BYE. Thanks for not being a dick. and i’m not going to give a fuck. 


i think i’m some sort of guru for the don’t be a dick method. 


i need to copyright this stuff 


Victoria ‘IDGF’ Hudson 


p.s Soz about the F bombs mum. 


p.p.s actually i’m not really sorry (please see above) 


used the method? let me know!


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